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Integrating ADX5D with 3rd Party Devices (AD-006o.01-en)

Course duration: 30 minutes

The Axient® Digital ADX5D dual-channel wireless receiver delivers superior RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality in a portable, slot-in design.

To provide extra convenience for the end users in the field, the ADX5D is designed for integration with leading 3rd party manufacturers, including Sound Devices and Aaton Digital.

This course provides a brief introduction to Axient Digital platform and the ADX5D portable receiver. Then, learn about integrating the ADX5D with 3rd party devices, including the physical connections, and viewing and changing settings.
  • Module 1 Axient Digital and ADX5D Overview
  • Axient Digital Overview
  • ADX5D Portable Receiver
  • Module 2 ADX5D & Sound Devices
  • ADX5D and Sound Devices
  • module 3 ADX5D & Aaton Digital
  • ADX5D and Aaton Digital
  • module 4 Survey
  • Survey - Integrating ADX5D with 3rd Party Devices
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years